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Welder Full Time

Reading and interpreting blueprint and machine drawings to determine specific welding requirements
Connecting cables from welding unit to obtain amperage, voltage, slope and pulse.
Repairing broken or cracked parts and fills wholes
Performing all necessary maintenance and repair on all equipment used in welding
Designing, welding and fabricating steel, aluminium and stainless steel fabricated projects using mig, tig, stick and gas
Perform other tasks as may be required by the Workshop Foreman and Workshop Manager.


Experience: 3 years
Education Level: Apprenticeship
Qualifications: Journeyman Class One
Software: Computer Literate
Equipment: Welding Tools
Knowledge Of: Metal Fabrication
Skills To: Maintain and repair all vehicles and keep them in good running condition
Ability To: Establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates
Personality: Hardworking / Self Motivation / High Energy