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Marketing Manager Full Time

This position seeks a passionate, innovative and creative individual, assume the role of Marketing Manager. The successful incumbent will be responsible for develop’, and implementing long-term brand strategies and integrated marketing plans, in line with regional and global marketing strategies. The successful candidate will nurture these relationships and ensure that we drive soles to these platforms and utilize these outlets to ensure the best possible outcomes.


• MBA/ Degree in Marketing or relevant education in Advertising or Business Management or commercial qualifications

• 2.3 years hands-on experience as soles promoter / merchandiser or equivalent in sales area within FMCG sector will be considered.

• Understanding the roles of the brands within the portfolio and how they will contribute to BWP processes and brand architecture

• Further knowledge on 3rd party management will have an added advantage


• Brand positioning, strategy development plus creation and execution of the organizations brand strategy in South Africa.

• Gather consumer and market insights, conduct competitive strategy review and drive competitive advantage

• Grow the brand within portfolio including price positioning, SKU split and communication within resource allocations

• Support other functional managers in strategy development

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