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Risk Officer Full Time

Reporting directly to the Finance and Administration Director, the Key job Functions of this Position will be

  • Developing and maintaining enterprise governance frameworks, standards and practices relating to risk governance and effectively implementing them throughout the Authority
  • Developing a framework to manage the organisation, risk management function, including overseeing the Authority’s risk identification and mitigation activities
  • Facilitating the identification of risks throughout the organization, developing, reporting and monitoring formats on risk management issues and developing methodologies for the assessment of risks throughout the organization.
  • Developing and disseminating risk analysis and progress reports to Authority executives, board members and employees. Integrate risk management priorities into the Authority’s overall strategic plan
  • Overseeing funding and budgeting of risk management and mitigation activities.
  • Communicating with Authority stakeholders and board members about the business risk profile and assessments.
  • Conducting due diligence and risk assurance on behalf of the Authority during business deals
  • Collating information on ZERA Wide Risk Events and feed this into the Authority’s governance structures
  • Preparing loss analyses and budgets, identifying exposures, recommend solutions, implement approved programs and promote loss prevention.
  • Developing and implementing information and risk assurance strategies to protect against and manage risk related to the use, storage and transmission of data and information systems.
  • Developing systems to protect the organisation from risks associated with hackers or data breaches.
  • Reporting findings on risk exposures to Risk Management Executive Committee and/or the organization’s Board of Directors, and implement strategies to manage.
  • Conducting in-house seminars on risk management to Increase awareness to employees on risks that are inherent in the organisation.