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M & E Officer Full Time

Job Purpose

To support accurate and on-time data collection, capturing, analysis, interpretation, reporting and effective data utilization and M&E related collaboration with MOHCC and other PEPFAR funded partners at program implementation level for both community and site level interventions.

Duties and Responsibilities

Monitoring and Reporting: Provides routine data collection, capturing, and reporting technical support to programs staff within the district to ensure collection of good quality data for all the health areas; Supports collection, analysis and reporting of district and Provincial level data for all programs; Ensures consistent and accurate utilisation of data collection & reporting tools, M&E frameworks, and D2As for district level and community programs intervention; Guided by D2As, supports weekly basis data analysis, interpretations and sharing with program staff to improve programming and ensure implementation fidelity; Supports the compilation of district and Provincial level monthly, quarterly, semi-annual quantitative and qualitative reports; Supports documentation of success stories within the district
Data Quality Assurance and Management: Supervises data capturing to ensure accurate data entry into the electronic data management system facilitating meeting set deadlines; Ensures that all electronic data is uploaded on the server routinely and provides daily updateson data entry or synchronization status; Conducts daily data quality checks in the database to ensure completeness, consistency andaccuracy; Participates in data de-duplication activities within the district in collaboration with MOHCC and PEPFAR funded facility testing partners guided by the Data Deduplication SOP; Conducts monthly field-based data verification and validation using standardized data verification tools; Participates in HQ led data quality assessments and SIMS visits; Ensures adherence to Data De-duplication, Referral Protocol, Data Management SOPs by field staff; Ensures timely implementation of data quality assessments and verification agreed action points; Ensures appropriate filing of primary and secondary data sources at implementation level; Participates in Monthly District Partners Data Review Meetings and other District Stakeholder Meetings
Referral Tracking: Ensures effective referral tracking and linkages to services for all referred clients; Conducts follow ups by telephoning referred clients and physical tracking of local health facilities monthly; Conducts samples on clients reported linkage data and compares with referral facility, to ascertain reliability of clients reported information; Compiles and maintains data base of client referral and linkage to services available, to include service provided and user fees; Prepares a monthly summary of the referrals tracking by completing the Linkages to Care
Summary Sheet: Reviews the status of each tracked client after three months (Cohort tracking) and categorise the client as successfully tracked or lost to follow up; Updates a client’s database using contact slips contact tracing forms, to be able to compile and keep an updated referral database.
M and E Capacity Building and Training: Identifies training needs and gaps on the use and implementation of all data capturing tools, SOPs, job aides and comes up with tailor-made in-house trainings to capacitate cadres involved; Co-ordinating implementation of integration of services within the district/Provincial i.e. iHTS and ART services; Coordination of report writing for all programme areas.
Qualifications and ExperienceDegree in Demography, Social Sciences, Statistics, MIS, or any other relevant field; An M & E qualification from a recognized institution is an added advantage; At least 2 years experience in programs data collection, capturing, analysis and reporting; Familiarity with electronic data management system especially Demographic Health Information System (DHIS2) is an added advantage; Familiarity with mobile health applications is a unique advantage.