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Security Manager Full Time

Role purpose:

To advise the LEX Manager on an ongoing basis on:

The current security situation, including criminality, in the country as a whole; and Any specific threats to company personnel, assets and information and business operations/activities, as soon as these are known.


  • Provide the input and advice necessary for the development, review and updating of the security element of contingency plans throughout the Company.
  • Provide briefings for international staff/visitors on ‘in-country’ security issues and on the security situations prevailing in the country.
  • Conduct any security enquiry, investigation and survey/review in relation to any aspect of security. The aim of such enquiry, investigation and survey/review being to determine what happened, identify any weaknesses, draw appropriate and supportable conclusions and make recommendations to prevent any recurrence.
  • Investigate all work serious accidents and illness or environmental incidences in compliance with the British American Tobacco reporting procedures.
  • Formulate, propose, implement and revise when necessary, the security policy for the Company


Formulate, direct and supervise security procedures for the protection of:

  • Company personnel/families/visitors.
  • Tobacco products in respect of their storage and distribution.
  • Company assets, information, property and business operations activities.
  • Ensure that a report, in standard format, is submitted monthly to the Area Security Manager.
  • Ensure that security procedures within BAT Zimbabwe are according to British American Tobacco Policies and Best Practice and adequately protect company personnel, assets, business operations/activities and intellectual property/information throughout the area.
  • Devise and co-ordinate appropriate security officer training.
  • Compile and agree security budget and manage within them.
  • Ensure that complete, accurate and fully referenced records are kept and maintained for EHS related licenses, permits, inventories, measurements and data arising from the day-to-day management of all EHS matters affecting the company, and to provide evidence of compliance or non-compliance to regulatory or company policies

Qualifications & Experience:

  1. Degree in security management or social sciences
  2. Minimum 6- 7 years of working experience
  3. Professional qualification in security management
  4. Prior experience with military/ police service.
  5. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work cross functional.
  6. Previous experience in a management role would be a plus.
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